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Father’s Day 2020: Following in Father's Footsteps to PSA

Todd & Dan Boosinger; Austin & Jonathan (Jay) Baker

In honor of Father’s Day, we’re honored to highlight two pairs of father-son connections at PSA and got to hear about the advantages to working at the same place with their dad and the special bond it has created.

Austin Baker – Financial Analyst; Father is Jonathan (Jay) Baker, Stores Supervisor, CVG

Who started working at PSA first? I started in May 2016. My dad started in December 2015. Dad worked in the Stores Department in CVG and then went to GSP as Stores Manager for a few years before coming back. I worked in Stores in Dayton while attending Wright State University to get my degree in Finance. I moved into the Finance Department earlier this year. I joined PSA because I was intrigued by what dad did for the airline and wanted to know more about the aviation industry.

What is it like to work at the same company as your dad? When I was in Stores, we used each other to help with our roles a lot. I could teach him about computers and he taught me about aircraft. It was great to learn what he had learned before me and it was nice that I was able to help him with things he didn’t know. For example, when we transitioned from Merlin (the old inventory system) to Maintenix (MXi), we helped each other with certain tasks that helped me and my base get better with the system and I did the same for him. Now, in my new position, it’s nice because I get a perspective on how they work and we help each other to make PSA better.

Tell us about the special bond you feel working for the same company? My dad is one of my biggest role models because he pushes me to be a better man and always made sure I was on the right path. He helped me a lot when school got stressful and when work would get frustrating. He helps me enjoy my time here and pushes me to do better. He has motivated me to move up in the company and is always supporting me.

Todd Boosinger – Stores Lead, CVG; Father is Dan Boosinger, Lead Mechanic, DAY

When did you start working for PSA? My Dad started long before me, in fact, he’s been with PSA for more than 31 years. I’ve been with the company for almost five years.

What is it like to work at the same company as your dad? PSA has always been a part of my life growing up. So it’s a very cool perspective to get a glimpse at what my father has done for so many years to support his family.

Tell us about the special bond you feel working for the same company? Yes, there is a strong bond. Being raised around aviation/PSA my whole life, it’s very rewarding to follow in the same footsteps and be a part of the same company. I think we both share the same will to always try to improve how we work, perform, and want to make PSA a better place to work.