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Cadet Spotlight – Milton Posado and Taylor Wheless

Cadet Spotlight with Milton Posado and Taylor Wheless

Taylor Wheless is a cadet instructor at Triad Aviation Academy located in Greensboro NC. Learn more about Taylor’s experience in the PSA Cadet Program:

Why did you decide to join PSA’s Cadet Program?

I was looking for an airline that was not only local, but was highly recommended by my friends. I researched PSA Airlines and was very impressed when I learned of all the benefits, not only of their amazing Cadet program, but their relationship with American Airlines. They prepare you for each step in your career including a career progression to American Airlines.

In your opinion, what is the biggest benefit of having a Mentor?

My biggest benefit of having a mentor is knowing what’s next in the process. Milton and I have been coordinating constantly about my career path and I’ve had the opportunity to gain experience along the way.

A general statement regarding your school, the Cadet program, or your Mentor

I think the cadet program is one of the best things to happen in the airline industry. The fact that from the beginning, PSA is willing to not only reimburse you for flight instructing, but will have someone help you along the way to help adapt to airline life, is an experience that can’t be matched. I have so much support from my flight school and PSA family that keeps me knocking out those hours to achieve the ultimate goal.


Milton Posado is a PSA Captain and has been involved with PSA’s Cadet Program since July of last year.  Words of encouragement from Milton, “All the work that you’re putting in now…it’s a lot, but it’s worth it.  Being an airline pilot was my dream as a child, and I’m blessed that PSA gave me the opportunity to live that dream every day, and soon you’ll be able to say the same.”

What are the best features of this program?

The best features of this program…hmmm where do I start?

Aspiring airline pilots are now afforded the amazing opportunity of enjoying all the benefits of being an employee for a top regional airline before they are even qualified.  Also giving them direct access to an active line pilot to answer any questions that they might have is another huge asset that this program provides.

What have you done, personally to ensure your Cadets are making the most of their involvement with the Cadet Program?

Everyone knows how important communication is.  I make sure that all my Cadets know that they have an open line of communication with me 7 days a week.  They all have my personal cell phone number, and when I haven’t heard from them in a little while I send an email to say hello, and to encourage them to continue to use me as a resource.  I am very happy to say that they do reach out to me often, and it gives me great pleasure in being able to help them in any way I can. We’ve all been in their shoes!