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Take to the skies with PSA. Join our Cadet Program to start your journey to the world's largest airline.
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You Deserve the PSA Difference

Your path to the most valuable and stable career in commercial aviation.

Your career as a mainline pilot for the largest airline in the world, American Airlines, can start here. PSA cadets can expect the following.

  • PSA's Cadet Program is open all colleges, universities and flight schools
  • Industry-leading first-year pay
  • Mentorship from airline industry experts and career-boosting opportunities
  • Minimal reserve time and a quick upgrade to captain
  • Guaranteed flow through to American Airlines in 5 years
  • $30,000 Cadet Package inclusive of training and tuition assistance, including the First Officer Sign-On bonus
  • Tuition and Bonus Breakdown
    • While in the Cadet Program
      • $5,000 at Senior Cadet Interview
      • $5,000 at Completion of next rating or license
      • $5,000 at Time Building
    • Once starting as a First Officer at PSA
      • $10,000 at completion of LOE
      • $5,000 at the end of year one

The Interview and Hiring Process

You’ll be on a direct career path from PSA to American Airlines beginning your first day. We’re here to help the most promising future pilots make a smooth transition into commercial aviation.


1. Check your qualifications & apply now

Private pilots attending at any college, university or flight school can submit an application.


2. Complete the interview process

Join PSA as a cadet and continue to build your hours and complete ratings and licenses to become a senior cadet. As you continue to progress through the program you will receive tuition and training reimbursement.


3. Complete ATP-CTP course and become first officer

After your ATP-CTP course, you can now start ground school. You’ll receive industry-leading pay, access to generous referral bonuses and a commuter allowance.


4. Your pathway to American Airlines

Upgrade to captain in less than two years and guaranteed flow through to American Airlines. “Joining the PSA team will give you the training and experience you’ll need to join American,” Robert Isom, President, American Airlines.

A portrait of Robert Isom, CEO of American Airlines

This is the start of a career you can be proud of from day one.

Robert Isom, CEO of American Airlines

Cadet Levels


Qualifications: Private Pilot Certificate

Requirements: Successfully completed the HR interview

Benefits: Mentorship and promotional material

Senior Cadet

Qualifications: Commercial pilot license

Requirements: Successfully completed the entire interview process, including technical portion

Benefits: Mentorship and promotional material, $10,000 in tuition and training reimbursement at Senior Cadet Interview

Cadet Instructor

Qualifications: Certified Flight Instructor Certificate with Instrument Airplane Rating

Requirements: Pass the Captain Review Board and sign Letter of Commitment

Benefits: Mentorship, promotional material, tuition reimbursement of $5,000; Instructor Placement Program

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