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Pride Month spotlight: Flight Attendant Kenya Moore, “I am thrilled about PSA’s support of LGBTQ visibility”

FA Kenya Moore

Pride Month Spotlight: Flight Attendant Kenya Moore, “I am thrilled about PSA’s support of LGBTQ visibility”

June is Pride Month and we’re honored to feature our team members who are sharing their experiences.

When Flight Attendant Kenya Moore started her Inflight training not long ago, she noticed an immediate difference from previous jobs where she felt she had to hide her true self.

Kenya credits the PSA leadership and Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Steve Jarrett, with making her feel welcome and comfortable enough to reach out and share her story. “I decided to email Steve about work my partner was doing in Philadelphia around community vaccination events led by teens. He didn’t hesitate to meet with us, and there wasn’t a moment where I felt uncomfortable with coming in authentic.”

Before coming to PSA, Kenya was a mainline Flight Attendant, but left to work in education where she was one of three black lead teachers and two lesbians at an elementary school with a staff of 82. “Diversity was simply not welcome,” she said. “I remember not letting any of my coworkers know I was gay until I was leaving, because I had heard comments and views that let me know how much more difficult it would be to fit in there.”

The daughter of two well-known pastors. Kenya grew up in the small city of Winston-Salem. “I was almost 40 when I made the decision to stop ‘hiding’ my homosexuality by being alone,” she said. Kenya said she married a woman and, though the relationship didn’t last, the freedom did. Her mother has accepted her and “met” her current partner virtually. “I now have the knowledge I don’t have to seek outside for family that doesn’t judge my life,” she said.

Kenya praises PSA’s approach to developing a DEI culture, citing an experience during Inflight training when memos were released about gender-neutral greetings. She said she loved the conversations that led to understanding among fellow team members.

“Not only is PSA inclusive, it is supportive, and exceptional leadership is one of the most genuine ways to make me proud to be PSA with Pride.”