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PSA Flight Attendant Talks About Supporting the Transgender Community on International Transgender Visibility Day

Brandyn Steele

PSA has taken steps in bringing diversity, equity and inclusion to the forefront for all team members to learn more about the different cultures, lifestyles and backgrounds that make us stronger together. March 31 is International Transgender Visibility Day and we’re honored to hear from one of our Flight Attendants, Brandyn Steele, who talks about being transgender, her decision to transition and being an advocate for the transgender community.

According to Brandyn, transgender is the crossover from one sex to another. Being transgender lies in the heart of one person and not the biological makeup, she said. The drive for Brandyn to transition came from the desire to be happy. It wasn’t easy; an uphill battle she said, noting contention with non-accepting family. “I just wanted to be completely true to me. I was so scared to be ‘selfish,’ but it had to be done.”

Overall, Brandyn said PSA has been overwhelmingly supportive. With crew members, Brandyn said to avoid any confusion or embarrassment, when meeting the crew, she said she states her name and her pronouns – she/they/them. Or, if someone is uncomfortable, she said just use Brandyn.

Brandyn is passionate being an advocate for the transgender community. She said it stems from sisters who have been killed for simply being transgender. “It also comes from humans treating other humans like garbage, just because of their beliefs and prerogatives.”

Along with working with numerous organizations, Brandyn is also working with members of Congress on the Equality Act and other bills. “I simply just went and emailed lawmakers and asked to be heard and they allowed me. Hopefully in the future my name will be attached to many more bills advocating for LGBTQ+ rights in the workplace and daily life.”

Brandyn is very open about her transition and her experiences and encourages others who may have questions to reach out and ask. “I want others that are wanting to transition to be able to have a safe person to talk to about transitioning and what it means in the workplace.”